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Terms of Service

General Terms of Service - Don't purchase without reading - We offer no refunds under any circumstance, please do not purchase if you don't agree.

We agree to offer you support to help you setup your product and direct you as necessary to a degree.

We reserve the right to void your key at any time for reasons such as but not limited to cracking, key sharing and running program with suspicious intentions all determined by us.

We have always although not required to compensated users, move users to other subscriptions if we ever make a decision to drop a product from our offers. We don't drop many games, usually smaller games we develop software for at Beta but they don't end up taking off so we let them go as it's not worth out time maintaining.

The duration of lifetime keys and how they actually work- The time that the software is updated and maintained, typically, if one cheat goes down we can usually transfer you to another at limited choice. Some of our software has been up for FOUR YEARS NOW!

Do you do refunds?- No, you are entering into an agreement where you understand that the duration of lifetime keys are based on customer support for our software from the community, this means it can be removed at any time. We may offer to transfer you to another subscription but are under no obligation to do so as the software has fully expired.

Can I swap to another lifetime software- It depends. Sometimes we allow, it all depends. Ask us and we'll let you know, expect a transfer fee though!


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